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Grecahouse specializes in the areas of sales, purchases and
investments in properties throughout Greece. As a result, we can offer
a plethora of choices to suit every budget – from holidays to
something seasonal, to something of a more permanent nature for

We operate in some of the most beautiful and world-renowned areas of
Greece: focus on Attica as well as the Peloponnese, the provinces and,
of course, the magical islands.

We work in collaboration with a select team of professional realtors
but also from diverse branches of the property and investment sectors
(credit institutions, law firms, specialists in architecture,
construction, etc) so as to be able to provide a comprehensive service
from start-to-finish in the process of buying or selling of an asset,
regardless of size, or aim of purchase.

Our vision is to continue to assist to our clients with a variety of
choices and services which are geared to trends and potentials within
the Greek property market – a market which we know extremely well, and
can satisfy any need.

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